Why Choose Nunweiler’s Organic Flour?

Why Choose Nunweiler's Flour
Anton, Reinhold & Ross Nunweiler - 3 Generations of the Nunweiler Family


It’s simple . . . and so are our ingredients.

Organic Whole Grain flour isn’t new for us. Since we started in 1988 we’ve always milled our flour this way using a low temperature impact milling process. Low temperatures keep our flours stable without heat destroying the vital nutrients.

You won’t find additives or preservatives in our flour. You will find all the bran and germ – simply the entire whole grain kernel, keeping all the nutrients nature intended.

We specialize in milling only certified organic Canadian grown grains – Red Spring Wheat, White Spring Wheat, Red Fife Wheat, Spelt, Buckwheat and Fall Rye. Our organic flour products are offered in 1kg, 2kg, 10kg and 20kg size bags.

Grandma Nunweiler’s old fashioned organic pancake & waffle mixes include our original whole grain, buttermilk, buckwheat and spelt. Our mixes are made ensuring superior quality and of course . . . taste great.

Our mill is certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems, an internationally recognized Organic certifier. We are also certified under the Canadian and USDA Organic standards programs.
Our mill and products are Kosher and GMO free.

“When you purchase our flour, you are buying a genuine certified ORGANIC premium quality whole grain flour. I guarantee it!” Ross Nunweiler, President (and 3rd generation grandson of Anton and Philippina Nunweiler)

Nunweiler's Flour Co. 25 Anniversary 1988 - 2013 Organic Whole Grain Flour


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