• From Farm <br>to Table

    From Farm
    to Table

    Whole grains free from all additives and preservatives. Grown & milled by friendly Canadians in the prairies.

We've been doing this since 1910

In 1910, the Nunweiler's were pioneer farmers in western Canada. Organic farming was all that they knew and we've made it our mission to continue this dedication in our mill today.

We mill only Canadian whole grain flour without separating the bran and germ from the original kernel. We don’t use additives or preservatives in our flour, simply the entire whole grain kernel, keeping all the nutrients nature intended.

We focus on building relationships with our growers so that we can truly see our product from farm to table.

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Meet Russ

Russ got started in the organic industry at Greenline Distributors in Saskatoon in 2001 and became the General Manager in 2002. He has always wanted to be involved in an agribusiness of some sort. In late 2015, Ross Nunweiler contacted Russ and was looking for a retirement plan. In March 2016, the Schroeder family jumped into food manufacturing with the purchase of Nunweiler’s Flour.

Russ is dedicated to keeping the business authentic and focused on our mission. From developing long-standing partnerships with our growers to overseeing milling and also being that friendly voice on the phone, he is truly the heart and soul of this business.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to provide our consumers with easily accessible whole grain flour.

When you use our flour, you can rest assured that it was grown locally by a farmer we know and trust and that it was milled close to home.

No additives, no preservatives, just clean quality ingredients packaged by friendly Canadians!

Our CORE VALUES are focused on:

  • Quality
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Family

organic, kosher, non-gmo

We’ve worked hard at perfecting our processes - that includes following strict guidelines to guarantee a top quality product and to protect consumers.

Unlike refined flours, we do not blend lower quality grains into our flour. Only premium quality Certified Organic Grains are used in our milling process.

Nunweiler’s Flour products are all Kosher Check, Canadian Organic Standards (COS) and Pro-Cert Organic Systems certified. And all of the products and ingredients we use are Non-GMO.

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the healthy choice

Grains play an important part of our meals and the nutritional advantages of whole grain shouldn’t be overlooked. Whole grains are high in complex carbohydrates, very low in fat and contain no sodium or cholesterol.

One cup of any of our cooked grains contains between 16 and 20g of fibre. That’s 2/3 to 3/4 of your daily nutritional requirement. Wheat bran provides an insoluble fibre that helps improve elimination and reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Made by Friendly Canadians

We believe in fresh, minimally processed food.


All of our farmers are certified, organic growers. Our grains are harvested across the Canadian Prairies and milled at our unique, low-temperature impact mill facility in Hague, Saskatchewan. Minimal processing time allows for maximum nutrients.


We produce top quality, organic whole grain flour, isolated whole grains and pancake & waffle mixes. You can find our retail products across western Canada, Ontario and Quebec.

Our Milling Process

We believe low-temperature impact milling produces a much superior flour than either commercial roller mills or stone grinding operations. Impact milling consists of small steel “hammers” rotating at a high speed in an enclosed chamber. These “hammers” strike the whole grain in mid-air with such an “impact” that the grain is immediately shattered into flour. There is no friction from heat-creating stones or rollers.

Cool temperatures are important as high heat damages vital nutrients within whole grains. Impact Milling preserves these qualities in the flour allowing us to deliver fresh flour with a good stable shelf life to our customers. It is important to store flour in a ‘cool’ dark place. Improper storage will shorten the shelf life of flour as well.

Bake with Nunweiler's

Get inspired to bake with us!
All of our recipes are taste-tested and approved, many of which are submitted by our amazing customers!

"We not only believe in sustainable farming practices in regards to the environment but also believe in sustainable business relationships."

Russ Schroeder, President

Nunweiler’s Flour Company / Marquis Milling & Grain