Sea Salt

Sea Salt


The label on Heartfeltliving's Himalayan Crystal Salt reads "There is no life without salt. No cell and no organism can exist without salt". This we know but our hearts have a love / hate relationship with it. Yes, we can't live without it, but unfortunately we get too much of it through processed foods and drinks in our daily diet. Health Canada says most Canadians ingest more than double the amount they need. This can lead to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. High sodium intake has also been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis, stomach cancer and severity of asthma.

We believe that avoiding processed foods as much as possible by making our own bread, soups, cake and so on, sodium can be kept in check. That's why in our recipes, where possible, we always try to keep sodium levels at a minimum.

The type of salt used also comes into question. Our recipes never call for table salt. We feel the taste is - well, yucky! Table salt is heavily processed to eliminate minerals and can contain additives to prevent clumping along with added iodine. Probably why it taste yucky!

Our preferred choice - Sea Salt (we happen to like Himalayan Sea Salt) that hasn't been stripped of it's mineral and trace element content. It has a nice taste and pound for pound - you end up using less sea salt than table salt when measuring as the crystals are larger than fine table salt. We like to colour too!

In our recipes, to simplify things we used a fine grind Himalayan crystal salt. That way you can use any salt you like. Keep in mind with baking - if the salt crystals you choose are too chunky they might not incorporate as well - save this type for dissolving in liquids.