Dark Rye Flour


Our ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN Dark Rye Flour is made from Fall Rye, grown on the Canadian prairies. This produces a strong flavoured dark coloured WHOLE GRAIN Dark Rye Flour. Excellent in Rye Bread or any recipe calling for Rye Flour. Nunweiler’s ORGANIC Dark Rye Flour is the recognized choice for the discerning Rye Bread Baker!

Rye Fibre is made up of noncellulose polysaccharides that have an exceptionally high water-binding capacity. This gives a feeling of fullness & satiety, making WHOLE GRAIN Rye bread a good choice for weight management.

The pureness of our flour makes it ideal for WHOLE GRAIN pre-ferments (Sponges, Poolish, Bigas, Sourdoughs) that depend on a flour, cleaned to 99.9% purity. With our low temperature milling process Nunweiler’s ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN Dark Rye Flour is nutrient rich.

Nunweiler's 1kg Organic Whole Grain Dark Rye Flour