Red Fife Flour

“A heritage grain my Grandfather Anton seeded.” … Ross Nunweiler, Owner

Our ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN Red Fife Flour comes from kernels that are descendants of Halychanka Wheat. Red Fife is Canada’s oldest successfully grown landrace wheat that originated from southern Ukraine. Named after David Fife from Peterborough, Ontario who originally received the seed from a friend via Glasgow in 1842. It was found to be an excellent milling wheat.

Red Fife was the industry standard in Canada from the late 1800′s to the early 1900′s. Most varieties of wheat today owe their ancestry to this particular grain.

If you have wheat sensitivities, Red Fife may be a possible alternative. This could be due in part because Red Fife was never subjected to chemical inputs unlike conventional grown grains today. As a WHOLE GRAIN milled with our unique low-temperature impact milling process , Red Fife retains the important nutrients and baking qualities that make it ideally suited for traditional Artisan Baking.

Nunweiler's 1kg Organic Whole Grain Red Fife Flour

This Canadian heritage wheat delivers a distinct, nutty flavour . . . slightly sweet with a rustic red colour.